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What We Do

Web Programming

Database Driven Web Site for custom solutions. We're experts in NodeJS. MariaDB and MongoDB are widely used in our projects. The communication between frontend and backend we use RESTful or WebSocket depends on the project nature.

Cloud Computing

We deploy custom-made solutions on popular cloud platforms. Such as AWS, Cloudflare,... Some of our cloud solutions are designed in Edge Computing. That makes our clients benefit on lowest latency around the world.

UI & UX Design

We help our clients to launch interactive websites. The frontend programs in HTML5, responsive design, and data displays change reactively in real-time. That makes the websites are easier to use and understanding.

Mobile App

We develop mobile Apps in Flutter. We believe it benefits to our clients for fastest delivery to market. Flutter is also a cross-platform development language. So our clients did not invest in expensive budgets for iOS and Android. Also, shorten development time means lower the cost.

Worldwide Agency

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Development team from North America

Our clients in Hong Kong include Small Business, enterprise, chain-store, NGOs, and government department

We custom made solutions to our clients in United States are property management and SME.

Our Vancouver office is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to resume the progress in 2022.


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Project Management

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UI/UX Developer

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Cloud Architect

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